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  Cornice Mouldings                 Panel Mouldings                    Cornices for lighting

 Orac Decor karniis, laeliist Orac Decor seinaliist, laeliist Orac Decor valguskarniis


 Ceiling roses                           Domes                                     Byblos

 Orac Decor laerosett Orac Decor  kuppel, laepaneel Orac Decor raamaturiiul süsteem Biblo


 Columns                             Pilasters                              Skirting

 Orac Decor sambad, kapiteelid, soklid Orac Decor pilaster Põrandaliist


 Lighting                                 Decorative mantel pieces       Corbels 

 Oсвещение, Valgustid, Lighting Orac Decor dekoratiivkamin Orac Decor konsoolid


 Door Panel                            Niches                                       Decorative elements

Дверные и Накладные панели uksepaneelid seinapaneelid Orac Decor Seinanišh Декор. элементы seinadekoor Decorative elements

Orac 2014

Orac Decor 2014 Decorest Disain

ULF Moritz


Our products are not just durable and light. They are also easy to install. We offer contemporary quality solutions that are both functional and decorative to suit every project. Our elements bring to life what is flat and bare. Welcome to the inspiring world of Orac Decor®.


Orac Luxxus Orac Axxent  Orac Basixx

For several decennia, ORAC DECOR® has been a figure head in terms of innovation. ORAC DECOR® ’s innovative trends have radically changed the professional market of interior Decorating products.

State of the art technology combined with an ongoing search for user-friendly products, provide endless possibilities in terms of atmosphere, character and most of all, originality.

Orac Decor Luxxus Orac Axxent Orac Basixx

Today, the Orac Luxxus, Orac Axxent en Orac Basixx collections are paragons for anyone who seeks cosiness, creativity and above all, user-friendly products.

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Large choice of Orac Decor's collection is available in Tallinn, at the importers warehouse of Orac's representative - Decorest Disain Ltd. You will find also a wide choice from Decorest Disain showroom, located in Tallinn, Liivalaia 21.